How Irish farmers can become world class in their field (Farming Independent)

In today’s world of instant news and media we are bedevilled with populist short-term thinking.

If we observe Donald Trump in the USA and the incumbent Boris Johnson in the UK, it has become increasingly fashionable to lie and disseminate ‘fake news’ to climb all the way to the top in the corridors of power.

This populist short-term thinking presents a serious challenge for the agri-food industry both in this country and further afield.

Agriculture by its nature is a slow-moving industry. Breeding better plant varieties, robust and resilient livestock, and protecting the environment do not happen overnight.

There has to be a long-term strategic plan.

In Ireland, politicians, policymakers, lobbyists and representative organisations are preoccupied with putting out fires or grabbing a news headlines.

This deflects attention away from the long-term sustainable path for the industry.