Wealth Management


BRADY GROUP provide an innovative independent consultancy service for high net worth clients. Clients cash rich from inheritance, sale land, CPO land or successful professionals with land interests avail of a service to plan business, investment, family and personal goals.

BRADY GROUP organise syndicated agricultural and property investments tailored to meet clients requests.

BRADY GROUP strength is that we are independent advisors focused on achieving your goals. We highlight the fact that we only advise and do not sell life assurance, insurance or pension products.

Wealth Management Consultancy Service

This is an annual intensive consultancy service (investment and financial advice). It consists of
a Financial Plan, 5 Visits and Telephone Contact. It is designed assist high net worth cash rich
clients plan business, investment, family and personal goals and minimise risk.

The following are the main areas planned:

  • Business Plan
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Debt Management
  • Estate Planning

Syndicated Agricultural and Property Investments

BRADY GROUP are respond to needs expressed by high net worth clients to present syndicated agricultural property and investment opportunities as an alternative to the products produced by Financial Institutions and Insurance companies. BRADY GROUP is examines and constructs agricultural property investments with good potential yield and capital appreciation yet providing a personal satisfaction factor not available with traditional investment products .e.g. Syndicated Dairy Farm Investment.